Here’s what regular Go! Networkers have to say about our meetings…

I have very much enjoyed the atmosphere and my participation at the Brunch networking meetings.

This networking group has a very different format to others that I have attended. Twice during the meeting, we go into breakout rooms that give us the opportunity to get to know one another in a much more informal setting. There is still the opportunity for the normal introduction to our own businesses along with an extended 15-minute presentation by one person. I particularly like the round where our names are theoretically thrown into the hat and should yours be pulled out you have the opportunity to talk about your business to the whole network.

Neil has certainly thought outside the box in putting together this excellent, mid-morning, networking group.

Joyce CoomberSewell

CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP

Having been a long-term member of the Twilight networking group I was very eager to participate in the new Brunch, mid-morning, network.

Though Brunch and Twilight are very different in their formats, they are currently both on Zoom which has given me the opportunity to meet people across the whole of Great Britain. They are both exceedingly good places to be to meet like-minded businesspeople.

Having attended both Brunch meetings and numerous Twilight meetings I have had multiple 121’s with people eager to make connections. These meetings are not primarily to instantly do business but rather to build relationships and even friendships. The outcome of this is that I can confidently refer other businesses to the businesspeople I meet.

Neil is a great instigator of these two networking groups, which both come under the banner of GoNetworking. The atmosphere is light and inviting with clear instructions on how these meetings will be orchestrated and how to make the most of them not only by listening to one another but by sharing in the chat, which can be saved and used after the meeting.

I am very much looking forward to my continuing presence in these two networking groups, Twilight and Brunch.

Joyce CoomberSewell

CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP

The format for the Brunch networking is Fab. Several opportunities to introduce you and your business to the group, several breakout room sessions with more opportunities to learn more about each other. To help break the ice suggested topics of brief discussion are suggested so everyone always feels included. One or two guest speakers and a fun draw to include attendees in a feature presentation. 

Personally I have struggled with Zoom networking but the format of Neils sessions ensures that you always feel engaged.


Cornel Sampson

Revive Mind | Body

What a fabulous networking group this is!

I initially joined Twilight networking not long after Neil started the events. It was so lovely to meet such a wonderful group of like-minded, friendly and supportive people.

I’ve now attended the first 2 Brunch meetings and it’s the same supportive environment.

I’m yet to get any business referrals myself, but I have been able to refer business to other members of the group, which is a very rewarding feeling as they are good people.

I’ve also had loads of great 1-2-1s, which are vital to networking – you really get to know the person behind the business.

Thank you, Neil, and all you fabulous Twilighters & Brunchers. I look forward to seeing you again soon

Michelle Sandys

As If By Magic HR Services

I attended the Brunch networking meeting with high hopes and I was not disappointed. 

The structure of the 20 second introduction before a couple of rounds of breakout rooms to pitch was a great idea, well maintained and the suggested ‘ice breakers’ to take into the rooms was a nice touch. Neil made it entertaining throughout (And slightly nerve-racking, though this did keep you focused!) with his random attendee selector to pitch to the group as a whole. 

The little touches went a long way, and I will be recommending it for other business owners.

Erin Brookes-Doolan

Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Artist

I have been attending the Go Networking Brunch events for some time, and have always found them to be a great way to network with a wide range of different businesses.  The way it is organised is fun, fast paced, and not formal.

Go Networking encourages collaboration, and getting to know the other businesses with the members having one to one meetings after the networking has finished.  Clearly run by someone who cares about bringing people together, and about helping people develop their businesses and their business relationships.  I would highly recommend Go Networking events to anyone who wants to build their business with a friendly, forward thinking, networking group.

Stuart Weller

Stuart Weller Magic

I attend the Twilight Networking Meeting because it gives me an opportunity to promote my travel service to a wider audience.

I find this event particularly useful during the current Covid situation, where it is difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings with prospective customers; this network gives me the ability to meet many people in a short space of time, and there are no geographical limits.

If you are looking to promote your business, I would thoroughly recommend Twilight, especially as it is unique to other networking groups in that it is at the end of the day, so will definitely bring in new faces that may not be able to attend the early morning groups.

Steve Gostling

Travel Counsellors

I really enjoy the Twilight networking. It has so many diverse businesses and its for men and women. I have had some good connections and did a Facebook live with one of the ladies from the group.

The 10 minute talks are always very informative and interesting. Really enjoy the small breakout rooms as you get to know more about the other people on a  personal level. Neil runs these networks with integrity and authenticity. I would highly recommend coming to to a meeting.

Sarah Grant

Personal Stylist

The Twilight Networking meetings have always played a meaningful role in my business development throughout lockdown.

As they are always arranged in the earlier evenings they are very useful to work my daily arrangements around and I find the first 30 minutes allocated to networking in smaller breakout rooms valuable as you can connect with other businesses in a more individual manner.

The host is always incredibly supportive to those who attend and it’s clear that he takes it seriously that all get their opportunity to present themselves and profession. (Just to bear in mind: A timer may be threatened)

Would definitely recommend, particularly for those who cannot network through daytime hours.

Erin Brookes-Doolan

Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Artist

I started attending Twilight Networking a while ago.  I have really enjoyed the experience and connected with some great businesses which I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  It’s a structured, efficient way to network from the comfort of your own home. It’s very well organised and there is a chance to get to know the other participants in more depth.

I enjoy learning more about the wide range of businesses that attend.  I have found it to be a supportive and friendly group. I often find the timing of networking, makes it difficult for me to attend, but this fits in nicely either after seeing clients during the day, or before the evening ones.

I would say it works well for new businesses as an introduction to the benefits of networking as well as more established businesses with a wider network.

Celia Griver

Blossom Hypnotherapy

I network with several different networking clubs regularly and find them all beneficial both to my business and personally, both of these factors are equally as important.

With Twilight being in the evenings I see some of the people I know from morning networking but it does brings in a set of new people for whom mornings are often difficult to attend.

Twilight feels relaxed and friendly and is very well run by Neil who will help absolutely anyone with anything . I also like that there is no pressure put on anyone to attend and in the true spirit of networking you are never sold to.

Simon Weatherley

Dor2Dor Leaflet Distribution

As regular attendee of the Twilight zoom meetings I thoroughly recommend these networking meetings to local business owners.  I find the timing of these meetings much more convenient than the usual early morning “breakfast” zoom meetings and there is a wide spread of businesses to network with.

I have made some very good contacts by attending this group.  It is a must for anyone who is seriously interested in local networking, especially in these difficult times.

Peter Wallace

Hastings and Rother Legal Services

Twilight network meetings are fun, superbly organised and strike the right balance of informal but also purposeful.

We have already made a number of useful contacts from a range of industries and attracted some new clients. I would highly recommend giving Twilight a try, you are certain of a warm welcome.

Adam Bissill

It’s a great experience attending the Twilight Networking sessions. Neil is a natural and enthusiastic host and makes you feel very welcome.

I’ve met so many lovely people. I’ve had quite a few 1:1 follow up chats and these have resulted in some great ideas and collaborative work . It’s structured, but informal, with breakout rooms, a 10 minute presentation and then the quick fire introductions.

If you’re new to networking or struggled in the past meeting a bunch of new people in a room then come along – you’ll be put at ease and made to feel so welcome!

Coral Sirett

Zest Health

I have been attending the Twilight Networking meeting since it started and have always found it to be uplifting and positive. Neil runs a tight ship, which has really encouraged attendees to think about their 1 minute promotional pitch so that it is clear, concise and engaging.

The attendees are a great group of people, happy to connect and refer business to each other. Neil also runs a positive, high energy facebook group so the networking can continue between meetings.

If you are looking for a virtual evening meeting, filled with encouraging business owners, look no further. Be prepared to book your spot quickly because, quite rightly, people don’t want to miss out.

Irene Santineer

BayTiger Marketing

I would like to thank Neil for the amazing effort in organising all of the Twilight meetings. Since I have join I have been able to meet new people, in other services, that actually benefited me and ways I didn’t expect.

Sometimes its hard to get the time from a busy day but everything I join I always learn something new. It is a very friendly environment with no pressure, and Neil is a great help to make you feel welcome.

Dan Fernandez


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