your first brunch and/or twilight meeting is totally free of charge!

We are so confident that you will find the Brunch and/or Twilight networking meetings enjoyable and productive, that we are happy to give first-time visitors a FREE ticket to either or both meetings.

Please note:

  • You will be offered a free place at the next available meeting, unless you specify otherwise in the 'preferred meeting date' box.
  • We reserve the right to not offer subsequent free tickets in the event that you fail to attend the meeting(s) to which a free ticket has initially been provided.
  • If you plan to attend to promote another networking group in the meeting(s), please contact me FIRST for approval, thank you.

All bookings are final, no refunds.

FIRST TIME VISITORS - Simply tick which meeting(s) your would like to attend, fill in the form, click submit, and we will do the rest for you. Regular attendees, please book on via the 'book on here' link in the menu bar. If you have been introduced to Go! Networking by a friend, please be sure to put their name in the "Introduced By" box.

I have been attending the Go Networking Brunch events for some time, and have always found them to be a great way to network with a wide range of different businesses.  The way it is organised is fun, fast paced, and not formal.

Go Networking encourages collaboration, and getting to know the other businesses with the members having one to one meetings after the networking has finished.  Clearly run by someone who cares about bringing people together, and about helping people develop their businesses and their business relationships.  I would highly recommend Go Networking events to anyone who wants to build their business with a friendly, forward thinking, networking group.

Stuart Weller

Stuart Weller Magic